Ashley R. Jelks

Full Stack Software Engineer

San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Remote

Silicon Alley


Currently Located Part-Time in New York City

Willing to Relocate Permanently/Full-Time to: New York, New York

Silicon Beach


Willing to Relocate to:

Los Angeles, California

Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area


Currently Located In:

San Francisco Bay Area, California


Ashley is a San Francisco Bay Area (by way of New York City) based multilingual (English, French, Spanish, German), world-travelled (25+ countries), web developer and yogi. She comes to the software development industry after several years of teaching both at the high school and university level. When she's not programming, designing and developing web applications, you can find her doing yoga, discussing, reading, and writing about domestic and international politics, race, gender, sexuality politics, reading tech blogs and exploring new technologies and frameworks, catching up on an ever growing reading list, drinking tea or red Zinfandel, making and exploring art, and planning her next global voyage.


  • Truss

    Sofware Developer

    Mobile and web developer at San Francisco based technical consulting startup.

    Responsible for web and mobile application development, client management, writing technical documentation, company blogging and marketing, documenting evolving internal practices on pair programming, code reviews, continuous integration, testing, version control practices.

    Developing iOS and web applications. Detailed experience included:

    Working with designers to develop iOS and Swift app from the ground up

    Refactoring Objective-C legacy code on existing Apple App Store app

    Building front-end of client website using JavaScript, React, and Redux

    Building full-stack JavaScript open source web app in MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Material Design, Webpack

    Converting PSD files to pixel perfect responsive front-end specs in HTML and CSS.

  • Hackbright Academy

    Software Engineering Fellow

    Highly competitive full-stack web development and software engineering program for women.

    Technologies & Concepts Mastered: Python, REST/SOAP APIs, Object Oriented Programming, Flask, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Relational Databases/Data Modeling, AJAX, JSON, SQLAlchemy, Machine Learning, Agile Project Planning, Data Structures, Git, Github, Version Control, Algorithms, Analysis of Algorithmic Space/Time Complexity

  • New York City Department of Education

    Social Studies + Special Education + Adult ESL Teacher
    Taught predominantly low-income and disadvantaged high school students in New York City
    Responsible for: Curriculum design and implementation; integration of technology as a pedagogical tool, data driven instruction and project based student assessments

  • University of Kansas, American Studies Program

    Adjunct Professor + Research Fellow + Graduate Teaching Assisstant
    While enrolled as doctoral student in the American Studies program, designed and taught undergraduate courses, recruited students at national conferences, and received a fellowship to research at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz in Germany


  • Hackbright Academy, 2015

  • Long Island University, 2013

    Master of Science in Education

  • Saint Louis University, 2007

    Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, International Studies, French


  • StudyTracker

    Built Using: Python, Flask, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Chart.js, and IBM Bluemix.
    Web based application for students to track their hours spent studying/working on academic work. Data visualized to display student progress. Presented at HackingEDU Hackathon.

  • Wanderlust Version 1.0

    Built Using: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, Google Flights/QPX Express and Google Maps APIs.
    Wanderlust is a Python-Flask based group travel app that aims to simplify planning group travel. Flight data is queried from Google Flights'‚Äč API, stored in a SQLite database and passed to users to deliver competitive airline ticket prices for two travelers, departing from two different locations, who wish to meet in the same city. It also takes into consideration each traveler's budget, by searching for flights that meet each traveler's specified budget. Users who have created an account and are logged in while searching have the option to save the results of their queries to their account.

  • Wanderlust Version 2.0

    Built Using: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, React.js, JavaScript, Wikipedia, Yelp, Airbnb, Google Flights/QPX Express and Google Maps APIs.
    Wanderlust 2.0 is an update and to the original version of this web application. It is still a Python-Flask based group travel app that aides travellers in planning trips where users have different respective budgets and are arriving from different points of departure. Version 2.0 will integrate Airbnb, Wikipedia, and Yelp data to help users locate highly rated accomodations, eateries, bars, and points of interest in their destination city.

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